For any advice regarding moving in, looking for a property, deposits or rent advice please read our FAQ's


If I see a property I like, how do I book a viewing?

Viewings of any of our properties to let in Bristol are by appointment only and must be arranged through our office, we have to give regard to existing tenants to ensure any disruption is kept to a minimum but will try to be as flexible as possible. 

How do I go about securing a property?

Once you have chosen your property you will be required to pay a deposit of £450 (or equivalent to a months rent if this is more) plus an administration fee of 40% of a months rent plus VAT, (48% including VAT,) this can be paid by cash, cheque or card at our office. The deposit is held as a security deposit until you move into the property where it will be transferred to a deposit against damages. The deposit is held by Digs in a ring fenced deposit account and protected by tenants deposit scheme.

Would my parents need to guarantee my rent?

A parental guarantee is required for all student tenants which guarantees rent payment for the duration of your tenancy. Guarantee forms will be sent to your home address and we must receive these back, signed by your parents before the tenancy in Bristol commences. You will not be allowed to move into the property until all forms are returned and signed. This will affect all tenants who are joint and severally liable.

What happens with regards to the utility charges?

Some of our studio properties are 'Rent inclusive of bills' others 'Rent exclusive of bills, and some have a 'Bills Package'. Once you have chosen an apartment we can advise regarding how utilities would work 

Full time students are currently exempt from council tax; however any professional tenants that are living in a student studio will be responsible for making their own council tax payments. Please note that if any professional tenants live with students tenants they would be responsible for paying council tax for the whole property not just their share of it.

What happens at the stage where we move into the property we have taken?

We will ensure that all properties are handed over in a clean/tidy condition at the start of tenancy, if there are any issues at move-in please call our office immediately so we can deal with them. 

Is there anywhere provided to store my bike or park my car?

For those of you with bikes we offer covered storage in some of our properties. Parking permits (although in limited supply) are sometimes available from Bristol City Council.

How do we get rid of our rubbish?

You will be informed of the bin collection days and most of our properties rubbish is collected regularly during the week. Please make sure that all rubbish is put into black bags, secured tightly and only put outside the studio property the night before collection day. There are some exceptions to our rubbish collection service where our vehicle cannot gain access due to the road being too narrow, in these cases the normal council collection service would apply.

What happens if we have a maintenance issue in our studio?

If we manage your property we have a maintenance team that are on hand daily to deal with any problems that may arise during the course of your tenancy. We also offer a 24 hours maintenance service, this is for emergencies only. If we do not manage the property we will give out contact details for the owner/manager. 

What happens if any damage is caused to the property during the tenancy?

If the property requires maintenance work to be carried out on it that has been caused by the tenant/s and it is the tenants fault, this will be invoiced to the tenant/s immediately after the works have been carried out. Payment is to be made to the Digs office and not taken out of the deposits.

What happens when we need to move out of the property?

It is very important that the flats are handed back to us at the end of the tenancy in a clean and undamaged state. A cleaning guideline sheet will be sent out to all tenants to make sure that we are all clear on what needs to be cleaned and to what standard. If the property has been left clean and maintenance free your deposit will be returned to you quicker and without deductions. If however the property is not left in the same condition that is was at the start of the tenancy there will have be some charges made.

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